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As COVID-19 is a pandemic disease declared by World Health Organization (WHO) and Government, RENO HOTEL is conducting operations for precautions of COVID-19 as follows;


Management & Staffing

RENO HOTEL Management is organizing COVID-19 Precautions Task Force heading by Executive Director along with relevant Managers and personnel.

The COVID-19 Precautions Task Force is strictly following the rules and instructions declared by government ministries.

The hotel management is conducting the COVID-19 Precautions SOPs and training personnel along with monitoring the operations.

All the personnel are provided the updated information of COVID-19 and strictly practicing COVID-19 SOPs conducted by the hotel management.

During performing duty shifts, all staff including operations staff must wear their personal protective wearing such as face mask, face shield, gloves together with standard uniform. Room service housekeepers and Food production waiting staffs must wear protective apron while dressing up with basic protective wearing.

Reception & Lobby

RENO HOTEL reception is arranged to minimize direct contact during face to face interactions. Transparent fiber covers are installed at the reception desk.

All the guests need to wash their hands before entering the lobby area and recorded temperature check must be done. Luggage and baggage have to be passed through virus killing procedures and personal belongings will also be included.

During Check-In function, all guests need to stay 2 meters apart from each other and to queue if require.

Walk-in Individual guests will have to fill up the self- assessment form for check-in. Group Check-in will be taken in prior arrangements.

Lobby Settee and sofas are well kept with 2 meters social distancing for precaution of COVID-19. Hand Sanitizers are available at the lobby area where special cleaning procedures are usually practiced.

Food & Dine-in Services

As usual, RENO HOTEL is serving buffet breakfast but during COVID-19, we provide plate services for serving breakfast. Guests will be served by the waiting staffs by choosing from a wide range of food & beverage menu provided by the hotel.

All the guests will be practicing social distancing during dine-in. Hand Sanitizers are available at the dining hall while serving plate services.

All the food production personnel are practicing HACCP standard procedures to serve healthy and delicious food menu items.

The guests will be assisted by explaining food menu for minimizing the direct contact to food menu book. Room Services Menu will be provided with the precautions of COVID-19.

Lunch, Dinner and Evening Tea menu will be served with a-la-carte and set menu services.

Guest Rooms Accommodation

RENO HOTEL’s all guest rooms are under special cleaning with virus killing treatments. All the facilities and furniture are kept for virus free.

Room Service attendants are strictly guided with standard operating procedures especially for peculation of COVID-19.

During the stay, the hotel is practicing less human contact but room service attendants are available to serve with their personal protective wearing.

After Check-Out function, housekeepers will be conducting special cleanings with fully treated virus killing procedures.

Laundry services will be availed by practicing typical standard operating procedures. Technical SOPs are being strictly conducted for precautions of COVID-19.

Function Rooms Accommodation

RENO HOTEL is providing Function rooms accommodation by practicing social distancing 2 meters.

The function rooms’ facilities with package service menu will be available by conducing SOPs for the precautions of COVID-19.

Lifts & Passage Ways   

RENO HOTEL is practicing social distancing 2 meters apart from each other and life passengers must be 4 in maximum by providing hand sanitizers.

Level-Passage ways will be well functioned with hand sanitizers and precaution notices.

Car Parking & Common Access Area 

RENO HOTEL’s Compound, car parking and common access area are under practices of SOP for precaution of COVID -19. Virus killing and cleaning procedures are regularly practiced with relevant time intervals.


All the guests must fill check-in registration from by showing relevant documents of staying such as fit-to travel certificate.

Personal protective wearing will be available at the hotel premise. Temperature Check will be taken place in daily basis.

All the guests will be provided updated information of local authorities and all the guests must strictly follow the instructions and rules declared by administrative and healthcare authorities from regional government.

On 8 July 2020, the hotel hosted the site visit inspection check by Hotel Inspection Team organized by Government ministries and fulfilled the inspection checklist successfully for precautions of COVID-19.

Figures of social distancing and precautions of Covid-19 at the hotel premise are shown.

The Hotel Management and all the personnel are strictly practicing COVID-19 precautions SOPs for the safety and well-being of all valuable guests as well as all the stakeholders of RENO HOTEL.

Warmly Welcome to RENO HOTEL – Yangon!!!

Thank you so much for supporting us!!!

Cheers All !!!

(Best Regards)

Hotel Management


Date: 9 July 2020